Friday, February 18, 2011

Land of Enchantment

Ok so this weekend I get the great opportunity to visit for the very first time in my life, New Mexico or as Emma always reminds me the Land of Enchantment haha. It is kinda of a long drive but no worries me and Emma are splitting it in two. Tonight we are staying Provo with Austin and Kenzie, this is also good because they get to meet Emma for the first time haha it should be a great time. But as for New Mexico I am so excited, I mean who wouldn’t want to visit such a great state haha at least it will be warmer for sure. And at the same time I get to spend some time with Emma’s family as well, I have meet them before but that was a long time ago like right when we started dating so this time it should be a little different haha ; ) So this long weekend will be long but I don’t think it will be long enough because we have to come back to drab ol’ Rexburg where the snow never wants to leave. But no worries March is fast approaching which means my birthday and spring time!!! 

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