Friday, February 18, 2011

Land of Enchantment

Ok so this weekend I get the great opportunity to visit for the very first time in my life, New Mexico or as Emma always reminds me the Land of Enchantment haha. It is kinda of a long drive but no worries me and Emma are splitting it in two. Tonight we are staying Provo with Austin and Kenzie, this is also good because they get to meet Emma for the first time haha it should be a great time. But as for New Mexico I am so excited, I mean who wouldn’t want to visit such a great state haha at least it will be warmer for sure. And at the same time I get to spend some time with Emma’s family as well, I have meet them before but that was a long time ago like right when we started dating so this time it should be a little different haha ; ) So this long weekend will be long but I don’t think it will be long enough because we have to come back to drab ol’ Rexburg where the snow never wants to leave. But no worries March is fast approaching which means my birthday and spring time!!! 

Friday, February 4, 2011


Why is it that when the weekend gets closer I tend to lose all sense of focus and direction. I feel as though when the weekend comes that will be the end and nothing could be better. Man am I wrong weekends are way too short and just as they begin they end WTF!!! But I will make it my goal to stretch this weekend out as long as possible cuz I really need to haha. Well the reason is, is that this weekend my dear sister Mariah and my dear friend Jenn are coming to town ya can you say party, ya I think so. It shall be a blast. As for our plans well mostly just hanging out and dinner you know the usual. Maybe even a slumber party (ok not a slumber party just games till the wee hours of the morning). And a thing to top it all off, The Super Bowl ya so the teams I wanted didn’t make it to the super bowl but it is still fun to watch and eat a lot of little Smokey’s, chips, and maybe some other junk mixed in there. But whatever the weekends entails I know it will not be long enough, not at all, I will soon be heading back to class on Monday with a feeling of dread haha gotta love it (plus I can’t skip classes or Emma scolds me haha don’t worry it helps)that’s why I love her!! Well as I type this it is cutting into my weekend time, you people better be dedicated readers or this is all in vain haha.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Laptop world

As I sit in my room doing homework at 1 in the afternoon I realize can barely keep my eyes open. WTF why am I sleepy in the early afternoon it is actually annoying haha. What I would like better is for my body to run like my laptop battery where I can look to see how many hours I have left before I pass out from exhaustion, I would just simply prepare myself to get enough sleep to where I don’t have to take naps throughout my day. And if I were to run low on juice they could have recharging stations on campus or even in my class so I could plug right in and never skip a beat. But this wish is only in my perfect world and crazy world at that. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

BYU-I-don't know

So it is the New Year and with it come the unknown haha you know the future. So I started my last semester at BYU-Idaho, I am very excited to be done with school and actually put to practice all this business stuff I have been hearing for four years. Well there are a couple of things that I need to vent about one is the total lack of information the school provides on what needs to be done before I graduate. I for one don’t appreciate the fact that if you don’t say anything you could just go to school for years and years and never know that you need to leave haha so I went and talked to one of the counselors (who by the way is a student and has less schooling then most of the people they talk too), was it helpful? Well no. Did they scare me into thinking I couldn’t graduate? Yes once but then I set him straight. So now I must go find the place where you sign up to graduate so I can get it all approved and what not (hopefully it is not too late). Since I am done with classes after this semester I still need to find an internship for the summer and as a matter of fact a JOB!!!!!! Ya a real life, actually paying, real people interaction kind of job. So enough about school I also have another thing that’s been occupying my time, yep can you believe it, a girlfriend haha a real one too not some made up story I tell everyone on Facebook. And the best thing is, I think she likes me haha ok I know she likes me but I will spare you the details; let’s just say she helps me get through a long day of school and homework. Oh did I forget to mention her name ya well that is a funny thing as well; her name is Emma (ya Hyrum and Emma) funny a little but we have heard all the jokes don’t worry. Well since I am saying way too much over a blog that will be all over the internet and since I am somewhat famous everyone is going to reading this by morning; I will not say too much about my life haha like a line I heard from the movie “The Social Network” “…the internet is not written in pencil it is written in ink.” Ok now I am just blabbing peace out.

Friday, December 10, 2010

End of Semester Rush

Ok so it has been awhile since I last posted something new, but hey its finals week and times are getting busy. First of all I must say that running a business in one semester and then having to close it down is quite a task. As for the hardest part was that I am CFO, ok so not that hard but it does get kinda crazy sometimes trying to keep track of all the money and paper work, but I think I got a handle on it. Well since it’s the end of the semester it is that time to try and rush everything into one weekend, for example seeing old friends and promising to see them before they leave is a daunting task. At times I feel like that’s the best way to end a semester anyways a quick goodbye haha so it doesn’t get too emotional. So another thing that makes me really nervous this time around is that I am going to be starting my last semester at BYU-Idaho, and I am freaking out. I actually have to find a real job and everything and really grow up haha. It is funny that I thought once you left high school you were grown up, wrong, it is leaving college but I think I am ready to move on….well almost ready. But as for me I am in a good spot in life I just gotta live it up and go crazy (ok not crazy but a little off the chain).

Friday, November 5, 2010

How many times do I have to update this thing?

So I was reminded today by my dear older sister that one must update thy blog oh so very often so those reading it don’t get so upset. Well as for my second post I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to a great website named At this magical place I can watch some of the most entertaining things in the world, so for this I will tell you of my most favorite things to watch on Youtube. 
  1. I love love love watching fights, fights in football, basketball, hockey, and best yet baseball. I love seeing these stupid people trying to punch furiously at each other while the other is trying to run away. Oh great times and I also enjoy a little street fights here and there as well.
  2.  I absolutely get a kick out of watching America’s Funniest Home video montages, for some reason I just love how they put so many funny things into one clip, oh what a joy it would be if that was on all day on TV, I don’t think i would get anything done. Bloopers also falls in this category.
  3.  I find myself always searching for pranks that people pull on each other, to just see the reactions on some people’s faces just makes everything seem so funny.
  4. And my most favorite thing to watch on youtube is my dear BeyoncĂ© sing, I think I have watched almost every single video there is of her singing. To go along with watching singers I also enjoy Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston singing the national anthem, and Kelly Clarkson. But back to BeyoncĂ©, let me tell ya listening to her sing all day is mmm good haha I think I have watched her performance on Oprah when she sings “Listen”, like 100 times I swear. I also must add though Jennifer Hudson is also very enjoyable to watch and listen too as well.

OK so here we have my top 4 things to do while on Youtube, I must say staying up till late at night just trying to find great singing performances on Broadway are also very enjoyable and would recommend it highly. But really I know how many people complain about my generation being addicted to technology, well listen Youtube is too great to let it not be used, I find it very educational.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Never too late to start a blog right?

Ok, so I sat here thinking of something to do I started reading some of my friend’s blogs and realized I was missing out on this great opportunity to express myself...haha … well you know be cool like everyone else. Well if one thing is true is that I think this blog will help me fit in.  As I sit and wonder what to write about I know that all that people want to really know is the juicy stuff the hot gossip in my life. Guess what I will spill my beans and I will tell all haha I will get you hooked into reading my blog and then I will be famous, make a movie, be the director of that movie, make it into a musical (Newsies 2), and record an album. Yes all that can happen with this one blog, well at least let me dream.  Don’t worry I will only write like two post then totally forget about it haha I’m like that, I don’t tend to keep up with this blog stuff but I do thoroughly enjoy reading others.
Ok now I am just blabbing on and on but hey it’s Hy-track (that’s my DJ name, I use it when I DJ parties and what not) I can do what I want and it’s my blog so check it.